Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Little Too Much Partying

After today, it is absolutely safe to say that boozing and partying until 2:30am in the morning and then attempting to ride hard the following morning in 100 degree weather is a BAD idea. Let's just say that I got back from my ride around noonish, it's just before 5pm now, and I haven't moved off the couch since I got back. So much for that swim and moving. Tomorrow's gonna be a rough one...ugh

Although the original plans for the weekend may have completely changed (and not for best of my training) the festivities of that night were worth every second of it :)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Friday

Oh man, another heat wave is hitting Boulder...and it's only expected to get hotter. What perfect weather for moving! Grrr. Well, it's been a great day of training, a little moving and will hopefully continue with a fun evening out on the town.

Have a long, beautiful climb (~5hrs) planned for tomorrow morning, along with a recovery swim, and then, well...the MOVING BEGINS...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and if you have AC, be extremely grateful :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Yes, I know it's been over 10 days since I've updated everyone, but there really hasn't been too much excitement in my life recently.

I took most of the week off of training last week as it was blazing hot and, well, I just simply needed some good rest. I went to a wedding at the Air Force Academy on Friday evening which was an absolute blast. Rolf and I totally tore it up on the dance floor, probably not the best thing for the broken hip, but it was worth every second. I also volunteered all day Saturday and Sunday at the Boulder Peak Triathlon (which I was supposed to race in). It was a lot of work, but so nice to see all my friends and competitors racing and doing incredibly well. Other than that, I have been training like a mad women this week, trying to stay clear of the crazy thunder storms, and enjoying life - had an exceptionally fun dinner last night at the Gondo :)

Well, must get back to work and head to swimming. Keep on the lookout for regular posts...I promise!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Mountain Biking

As of Sunday afternoon, the brand new mountain bike which I was so determined to sell was finally introduced to the amazing and beautiful trails in Nederland. Although it might have taken a little tougher beating than expected, and despite the enormously large handlebars, it rode like a charm. Even though I did take a few diggers and made Shep wait an eternity on my slow ass, I'm finally ready to begin off road riding on a more consistant basis. Thanks Andrew, I had an absolute blast, we're totally on for Thursday evenings!

It's still hotter than ever here and I swear my apartment is over 100 degrees inside! Ahhh, it needs to cool down :)

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Heat and the Wind

Watch out, another heat wave is hitting Boulder. Holy's a hot one too. You know when it's over 100 degrees and your about a mile closer to the sun than most of the world, it's gonna be hot and you better be wearing sunscreen.

Well my 3+ hour ride this afternoon was pretty brutal. I was wearing 50 spf sunscreen - still got burnt, had 2 huge frozen water bottles - which were pretty much boiling in less than 25 minutes and gone in less than 2 hours, leaving me waterless coming home, not cool; lastly, what better than to ride in 20+mph swirling winds the entire time. For those of you who know how I feel about the wind...let's just say, it wasn't the most pleasant of rides :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Stress Fracture it is :(

So the doctor's appointment this morning went as well as it could have. There has finally been a diagnosis to the extreme pain I have been having while running. I have a stress fracture (that is healing) in my ischial tuberosity...see below for details. The doctor never thought he would find an acutal fracture there, but the x-rays showed it clearer than daylight. The bad news, however, is that there really isn't going to be much running going on in the near future. Even after resting it for the past 7 weeks, I still have at least 4 more to go. Guess I'm still just gonna have to crank on the swim and bike :) Time to get fast!!!

The ischial tuberosity is a swollen part or broadening of the bone in the frontal portion of the ischium, the lowest of the three major bones that make up each half of the pelvis. As the point of fusion of the ischium and the pubis, it is attached to various muscles and supports the weight of the body when one is sitting. Ischial tuberosity pain may be experienced by a wide range of athletes, including soccer players, cyclists, baseball players, figure skaters, cheerleaders and any type of jumpers or runners. It is often misdiagnosed as ischial bursitis, an extremely painful condition.

The ischial tuberosity is the point of origin of the adductor and hamstring muscles of the thigh, as well as the sacrotuberus ligaments. The forceful pull of these muscles, such as can happen during a variety of sports, as a result of a trauma such as a fall or other type of injury, or through the overuse of the hamstrings, as is common among runners and soccer players, results in a separation or detachment, also called an avulsion, of an open ischial apophysis.

The symptoms of ischial tuberosity pain are, plain and simple, “a pain in the butt.” Pain on the bottom of the buttock, especially when sitting and running is typical. The area may also be quite tender and sensitive to touch.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Riding on the trainer in July!?!?

Rain, rain, go away, come back another day...Yes, it's still raining and hasn't stopped in almost 4 days! Great for the state of Colorado since we're close to dought conditions once again, but quite a damper on my training.

I guess swimming outside in the rain isn't too bad since you're already wet. Running in the rain is actually quite enjoyable, but wait, yeah, I can't do that...grrr. Cycling in the rain, however, isn't always the most enjoyable and safe thing to do. I mean, yeah, I should probably suck it up and get out there, but I guess taking the chance to slip and crash on a training ride really isn't something I'm willing to risk right now as I don't need any more injuries. So, for the first time since March, I got on the trainer inside...booo. I did get to enjoy some World Cup, golf, volleyball and Tour de France action, so it did go by quite quickly.

Off to enjoy some angel food cake, white chocolat pudding and fresh strawberries...mmmm :)

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Can someone please explain to me how Colorado can be 80 and sunny in April, but 65 and rainy in July?!?! I just simply do not get it.

I don't think there is a better way to spend the day that you're supposed to be racing the most important race of the year than by standing in the rain for 4 hours giving a how-to-bike clinic to hundreds of women about to do their first triathlon. I mean seriously. We say there is no such thing as a stupid question, but oh man, there were definitely some interesting and over-the-top ones today! Plus, I just wasn't in the mood, so it pretty much just sucked.

I was supposed to ride before heading down to the clinic, but it was raining so I went back to sleep. Since the first attempt at traning was highly ineffective, I planned on getting in a swim when I got back. However, I came home completely drenched and frozen solid that swimming definitely didn't sound appealing either. So, what better to do than take a warm shower, eat everything in sight and play on the computer for the rest of the night!

Gotta love it. Hopefully the long climbing day will be in effect tomorrow...I'm getting quite sick of this crappy weather.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Fatty Spreads

As you have previously read, peanut butter is quite obviously my most favorite food in the world, but there definitely is a close call for second...any guesses? It's just has fatty as peanut butter and can be put on just about everything - except asparagus according to Miss Sara! Need another clue? It's produced overseas, has a brown color and a thick yet gooey texture....ya got it now?

NUTELLA for heaven's sake :) It's a french version of peanut butter made with chocolat and hazelnuts...ohhh, it's absolutely amazing. Bryan thought it would be a good idea to bring me the biggest jar available back from Ireland a few weeks ago and drop it by the office today. Although it was definitely a super sweet gesture...what were you thinking?!?! Did you read the posting about how fast I went through the cinnamon peanut butter?!?! Geez...

No, the jar is not half gone yet, but will soon be! At least I have people at the office to share it with :) I will close with the letting everyone know that a little chocolat can always put a big smile on your face!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Like a fish

So if I can't run...might as well start getting super fast in the water and on the bike. Although swimming twice a day may possibly sound and seem like the most awful thing in the world, it's actually not too bad. As a matter of fact, since the injury, my swimming has improved tremendously with all the extra yardage :) I pretty much swam like a fish today and I'm wicked excited about it!!! Stay tuned for more updates!

On another note, one more race/series that I am eating an entry in is the Boulder Stroke 'n Stride Series (Thursdays at 6pm - 1500m swim/5K run). Even though the last place I want to be is somewhere where I should but can't race, I still feel as though the right thing to do is be there to support all of my training partners, friends and competitors! Off to the race to be a cheerleading...okay, not really, but you know what I mean!

Until next time.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


After attempting to get in a quick jog today before my flight to Nationals early tomorrow morning, I made the official decision to bag the most important race of the season and call it quits. With excruciating pain throughout my entire hip, groin, glut, etc. only 5 minutes into the run, there is no way I would be able to handle a 10K off an intense swim and bike.

Without a doubt there were numerous tears shed and emotions and frustrations pelted in all different directions, but my doctor, coach and parents all believe that this is the best decision for the future of my career in the sport. Not something I want to hear, but I guess I don't really have a choice. Sure, I'm going to eat about $600 on expenses for the trip and not go to Worlds in Switzerland in September, but staying home and getting an MRI done to figure out exactly what is going on is going to be key to get me back on my feet and racing again.

Life sucks right now and I honestly couldn't be any more frustrated and irritated with everything, but I still hold the belief that everything happens for a reason and there are so many worse things that I could be faced with. I can't even express how fortunate and grateful I am to be living in Boulder and having the support from my friends and family that I do. I love all of you guys and thank you so much for everything!

Trying to smile...I promise :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Trivial Pursuit

There's nothing that can make you feel more pathetic and out of the loop than playing "Pop Culture" Trivial Pursuit! I know I'm not a big television or movie fanatic, and I definitely do not follow the celebrity scene, but damn, it sucks being crappy at that game! I did however get a few questions right including one about My Little Pony...pretty pathetic since I never played with any kind of girl toy when I was little :)

HAPPY 4th of July everyone...have a fun and safe night and don't blow off any limbs attempting to set off any firecrackers!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Long Solo Bike Rides and CRAZY Thunder Storms

Cycling - Just about any non-cyclist would ask what the world you were thinking going for a 5+ hour ride by yourself and how you stay sane without getting bored out of your mind. Well...FYI, long rides on my own are probably my absolute favorite training sessions. Seriously. I can listen to my favorite music for hours, go my own pace the ENTIRE time, chose whatever route I desire, think and reflect without any distractions, and peacefully enjoy the amazing mountain scenery. As everyone knows, my mind is jam-packed with ridiculousness, so Sunday I took advantage of the opportunity to just ride, ride, gorgeous weather of course. And, it was awesome! Although the pressing issues in my life are not totally solved, it feels good to have a better grasp on them :)

Thunderstorms - HOLY HELL...about 20 minutes after I returned from my breathtaking ride Sunday morning/afternoon, the inevidable Boulder storms rolled in. However, these storms were unlike anything I have ever witnessed. For about an hour, we had the loudest rumbles of thunder I have EVER heard. Uli swears they were breaking houses in 2, but honestly, I have never jumped out of my seat from thunder before. I had to have been freaked out about 6 or 7 times that afternoon. CRAZINESS...but I love it and I love Boulder for it!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bars and Movies

It's definitely been a while since I have broken away from the same strict routine so this weekend was the time to head out and about and have some good times with everyone!

Friday- BAR NIGHT! Oh for someone who NEVER drinks, one strawberry light margarita at the Rio is enough to put me completely over the edge. I swear there has got to be like 6 shots of tequila in one drink! It's a good thing they bring unlimited chips and salsa so that Uli and I can chow down and get hammered all at the same time! So after venturing from bar to bar on Pearl Street, we decided to check out the new eurobar called Seven. Pretty interesting and great beats, but the best was trying to pick and choose potential boys for Miss Uli...hilarious.

Saturday- MOVIE NIGHT! I have honestly not been to a movie in the theatre in almost 5 months. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not that big of a movie fan, but it's always nice to get out and see what everyone is ranting and raving about. So I saw Superman Returns and it wasn't too bad...I encourage you to go see it!

Well that's about it. I have much more coming in the next couple days as it is T-5 days til Nationals...ahhh!