Friday, March 30, 2007


I am quite aware that Boulder gets an annual cold weather front at the end of March each year, but seriously...coming back from 85 and sunny weather to cold and snow is not so fun.

Luckily I will be heading out to San Diego tomorrow for the Timex Team Camp. Lots of fun with all of our sponsors, managers and teammates! Whoooaaa.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yes, I'm Still Alive

Been quite busy the last week in Florida and getting caught up at work. Below is a recap of the past few days and the fun times that were had :)

Wednesday - Hit the track and the pool at the NTC in the morning (awesome facility). Interval bike in the afternoon with Blake.

Thursday - Beautiful weather in Clermont and a perfect day for an early morning swim, long bike ride with some of the girls from the Timex team and a shake out run in the afternoon...great conversation and look forward to seeing all of them back at camp this weekend. Met up with the parents and grandparents for dinner in the evening. So nice to see each of them.

Friday - First open water swim of the year in the weird colored Florida lake. Went surprisingly well and felt pretty comfortable. Long run in the later part of the morning and then packed up and headed to Auburndale to stay with the folks. Went out on my grandpa's boat later on with my mom and dad to spot alligators on the lake and totally found a 15ft monster sunning himself on the shore. My grandpa had to go like 5 ft from it until he jumped into the water and almost tipped the boat over - okay, not really, but I'm pretty sure my dad had a mini heart attack!!!

Saturday - Headed to St. Petersburg in the early morning to ride the bike course and test out swimming in the ocean for the race on Sunday...again, I thought the salt water would be a lot worse...I think I'm finally getting over this crazy swimming ridiculousness. Chill afternoon with a run around the lake and a fun dinner at my mom's cousin's place in Tampa. Late night, but fun night.

Sunday - Race in St. Pete (750m swim/20K bike/5K run) all women!!! Great swim, crappy bike, decent run...4th overall and only 25 seconds from 2nd place and 4 seconds from 3rd. Long recovery run afterwards which felt really good. Relaxing rest of the day and a good long nap! Packed and hung out with the rents for the last night in town.

Monday - Early trip to the airport and easy flight to Denver. Hit up the 12:30pm masters and then did quite a bit of work to catch up at home...SUPER TIRED.

Tuesday - Lots of work to do at the law firm and then an easy shake out run up the Canyon. Built up the bike and headed out to ride Super James...not too bad and actually turned out to be quite nice outside. In to work for a bit afterwards and a big trip to the grocery!

Today - More work at the law firm in the morning, killer swim afterwards, a little work at the restaurant, then a long and somewhat painful ride out to Carter Lake and back...let's just say I was going 40mph coasting on the way out and well, barely doing 8mph coming back...just a little windy :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Florida it is!

Arrived in Clermont this afternoon after waking up at 3:30am to catch the bus to the airport. Got the grand tour of the area and the training center and just got done making a great dinner. Ready to be away from Boulder and enjoy a work-free/lots of training week. Looks like great weather is in store for the next couple days so it should be a great time.

Stay tuned for updates...especially you Lara...there might be some secret code over the next few days :) Haha.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patty's Day in BOCO.

Started the morning off with a climb on the bicycle up Super James...absolutely beautiful (73 and sunny), but damn, totally forgot how freakin' steep that climb is after Jamestown...whoa! Because my legs were so shot when I got home, I decided to eat lunch and wait a little while to go on my run...even after waiting, I still felt like I had 20lb bricks in each of my legs, ugh.

Leaving for Florida on Tuesday and have to catch the bus at 4:30 in the morning. Since I have a super hectic day with work and training and Monday, thought it would be a good idea to start packing. Got a few things organized and hopefully after a load of laundry, I will be all set to just throw everything in the suitcase on Monday.

Even though I was completely exhausted, I don't think I would be able to deal with staying in on my most absolute favorite day of the year. If my name, the Irish decor in my room, my four leaf clover contacts and four leaf clover tattoo (which I got when I was 15) doesn't show any indication of my die hard dedication to my heritage, I'm not sure what else will. At any rate, I got as jazzed up as I could and went out for a bit to see all the crazies on Pearl Street and have dinner at Hapa for Losey's 29th birthday :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

A Sunny Day in Boulder, CO!

Billy Edwards is the COOLEST!
Hehe, I knew you would eventually read that :)

Ran to the top of Bow Mountain this morning which was by far one of the most amazing hill climbs EVER! Nice find JZ. Productive few hours at work and then a stellar 3+hr ride on the bicycle in the sunshine. Unfortunately, the evening is going to be wrapped up with some more work, but no worries...get to go play in the mountains again tomorrow! Yippeee :)

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I thought it was supposed to be 55 and sunny today? Now it's pouring rain and it's not even on the radar...weird. Guess I'll have to rearrange some things on the schedule since there is no way I'm riding Super James in 38* and rain. Boooo!

Anyway, things have been a little crazy on this end. Chautauqua was unfortunate this past weekend and experienced a grease fire which completely destroyed most of the kitchen and the entire roof. Not only does this put a stop on the deal that was going through between the two partners of the business, it makes for a lot of unnecessary added stress for everyone involved...including ME! Working on trying to stay cool, calm and collected about things, but it's not very easy when everyone around you is loosing their minds!

Alright, I'm going to jump on the trainer and spin the legs out. Hope everyone has a marvelous day.

One more thing - totally peeved that I wasted $5 on a car wash the other all the crap on the roads from the rain is going to make it all dirty again...that's the last time I'm doing that!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Too funny!

Since it was in the 70s and absolutely gorgeous yesterday, I decided to open the sunroof in my car for the ride back from the restaurant. It felt so awesome having the sun shine in the car while jammin' to some tunes on the radio.

Unfortunately, I completely spaced that I had opened the sunroof, forgot to close it, and when I got in the car this morning, the tree that I parked underneath all night had sprinkled little buds ALL over the front seats of my annoying? At least it wasn't rain!

Great track session in the AM and a fun ride in the afternoon with JZ. She is looking mighty sexy and pretty darn fit to kick some booty this weekend in Honduras on her new pink Guru :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ahhh, the sunshine and warm weather!

Killer swim this morning in the sun! I love it when that happens.

However, had to work all day at the restaurant playing 'Miss Manager' so Micah could have another full day off. Who wants to sit inside all day when it's 72 degrees outside?!?! At least it's supposed to be this way for the rest of the week!

Well, must get back to the madness of kissing ass to Boulder's 'fine diners', joy :)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

You ask, you get!

Billy Captain 'Pookiesaurus' Edwards is a giant BUTTHEAD :)

Crappy day in the water, wonderful day on the bicycle - 60*, sunny, little wind - doesn't get much better than that!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Run, Erin, Run...

...but not that hard! Ran a little too hard yesterday morning up and down 6th street leaving me feeling a little off/yucky for the rest of the day. No worries - still got in my easy bike and 3500m swim (solo) but definitely didn't feel too great doing it!

Made a delicious dinner after swimming (pita bread pizzas with chicken and pineapple, spinach salad and cappuccino chip frozen yogurt) and played some Mario Golf all fun:)

Switching the long run from tomorrow to today because it's supposed to rain all day. Hope the legs are cool with that! Long rides in 40 degrees and rain are definitely not something I'm too into!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Epson Salt Baths

A steaming hot bath with epson salts is in my mind, one of the best muscle recovery methods there is. Not to mention it feels REALLY good and is super relaxing.

Had a decent day. A very chill 50 minute run in the am on the Niwot trails, managing at work from 10-2, then a 2.5hr bike in the hills. Although it was freakin' windy as hell, I think I'm starting to get over my insane hatred of it. Realizing how much stronger of a rider I have become riding through it makes it seem somewhat justifiable...or something like that.

Chatted with the little bro for over an hour later in the evening. So random that we both have issues with our eyes the exact same time. I scratch my cornea and he has some crazy eye infection. Too funny.

Busy day tomorrow. Run, work, bike, swim.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pig Out :(

There are just some days when my endless pit of a stomach, mostly referred to as a 'Garbage Disposal' just never gets full...and today was one of those days. I swear, no matter how much food I consume, even in one sitting, I just can't seem to get full. So unfortunately, my giant pig out was totally not even worth it...darn!

Interesting day - got out of the pool after a panic attack this morning, great ride in the warm weather in the afternoon after a little work and then a decent swim post bike on my own.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Killer Day!

Slept in until 7am this morning, was super productive at the law firm, got some things taken care of for the restaurants with our CPA and lawyer and then went home for a sweet workout.

Warm up run, 3x hard bike/hard run, cool down bike - total workout 2:45min...totally awesome day to throw the trainer outside and run to and from home IN SHORTS!!! Hell yea - it was in the 60s and absolutely gorgeous...I guess that's what happens to those to stick it out and have patience through the crappy times...that sentence does indeed have a double meaning, wink, wink :)

Had a great conversation with Mr. Blake afterwards and delicious protein shake before heading to the pool for a little swim to loosen up the muscles and sit in the hot tub for a bit...ohhh, so nice.

Now I'm back at work for the evening. Closing again, and definitely not excited about it, but I am eager for a sweet meal at the end of the night!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Long Day

Worked at the law firm from 6-8:30am this morning. Attempted to swim at 9am but got out after 1000m because I wasn't feeling so hot. Then headed into the restaurant to play manager for the whole day.

Luckily I was able to escape for an hour to get to my eye doctor appointment which went really well. The eye is all healed up and I can begin wearing my contacts tomorrow morning! YESSSSS!

Now I'm back at work until close so our other manager Micah can have a whole day off. I'm obviously not doing anything worthwhile so I'm playing on my laptop at the host stand...shhh, don't tell :)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Productive Day :)

Great long run early this morning - even though it was 21* when I started and my glasses were annoying the living crap out of me. That was followed by a good swim in the sun - despite the other 7 people in my lane.

After a huge lunch, I went and got a lot of things taken care of with Chautauqua and the issues concerning the change of ownership...huge pain, but I think everything will be finalized early next week...oh I hope so!

Just had a great chat with the coach and have a BIG week ahead of's supposed to be in the 60s and sunny all week!!!! I can't wait!

But what I really can't wait for is March 20th. I will be heading down to Florida to see the fam and Blake and get some super sweet training and racing in....yipppeeee :)

Heading to the trainer to spin the legs out for an hour and annoy the neighbors with my obnoxiously loud music...oh I'm so evil.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Training with glasses is no fun

Especially when the prescription is from 6 years ago, the frames are constantly falling off your face, and your sweat is dripping all over them and fogging them up.

So I was obviously able to get in some training today (3hrs on the trainer and a 35min run) after a great night sleep. I think not sleeping in 48 hours was taking a big toll on my body and even though my eye was still killing me, I think the fact that I needed sleep was totally shutting out the pain.

Feeling a lot better today and hopefully the eye will continue to heal and I will be able to get back to the normal routine in no time.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Early morning trip to the ER

So my eye was absolutely killing me when I got done closing at the restaurant last night and I thought that by taking out my contacts and getting into bed, everything would be just fine. Well boy was I wrong.

I spent the entire night (11pm-4am) getting up every 15min to rinse my eye out with water or solution because it was hurting and burning so badly. After not being able to sleep at all and for fear that my vision was in jeopardy (my eye was truly the color of a bright red apple), I drove my ass to the hospital to figure out what the hell was going on.

Apparently I have a giant scratch on my cornea and it is one of the most painful things in the wonder I couldn't sleep. The worst part is that there is nothing they can give you for the pain except Vicodin or something along those lines, and that the pain will dissipate once the eye starts to heal in 3-5 days...BRILLIANT!!!! So now I just get to lay in bed for the next few days with all the lights off and wallow in agony until the pain goes away.

Seriously, I'm scared to know what the hell is going to happen next...every time things start to get a little better, something ridiculous like this has to happen....AAAHHH!!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


There is no amount of authority in the world you can have being a manager of any business to justify putting up with the random bull shit and working the long and grueling hours.

Can you tell how I really feel?!?

I volunteered to temporarily help manage the restaurant while we find Micah the 'perfect' assistant. However, this entails dressing up, sucking up to snooty customers and staying late to close up. If I didn't have a full day of training and work to do for my other two jobs, it really wouldn't be too bad, but I'm totally exhausted right now and when Micah leaves in a few, it's gonna take everything I have to pull it together for the night!

This is why I am a bookkeeper and not a manager :)