Monday, February 25, 2013

Bring on the humidity!

In all honesty, I never thought I would be excited to add humidity into my house! However, the dry Colorado winters are really taking a toll on us. For several years now, we wake up extremely parched and congested during the winter months - I guess the combination of constantly running heat and a dry environment will do that to ya. At any rate, we spoke with Bryce's parents who have been very happy with their humidifier purchase so we decided to get the same one. I would have much rather splurged on a $300 kitchen accessory, but I know this will be a great investment for us in the long run! To fresh, and happy breathing :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 Timex Team Camp

As always, our annual Team Camp at the Timex Performance Center in New York was off to a banging start this past Thursday evening! I honestly cannot believe this is my seventh season on the team and still get that butterfly excitement sensation each year. It was so exciting to see all my returning teammates as well as meet all the newbies. There are 11 new athletes this year and it's been really fun getting to know each and every one of them!

I'll be a little scattered giving updates but I wanted to share the above pic of the new Run Trainer 2.0 as quick as possible. This is Timex's newest GPS watch that I truly believe will the be hottest time/distance/HR wrist piece for 2013. Not only does it incorporate a sleek look that is extremely lightweight, it is also one of the easiest watches I have ever used. The Colorado crew is beyond excited to add it to our demo fleet and get out to the stores to show it off :)

After some great round round robins revolving around new products and another phenomenal TPC lunch, we were welcomed into the NY Giants' locker room where we received a bunch of new swag!

Last year we received bright red Thule backpacks that I bring EVERYWHERE with me and this year we were even more spoiled...custom embroidered carry-on Thule luggage filled to the brim with all sorts of gear, swag, you name it. We are seriously the most spoiled group of athletes on the planet and I know for a fact that every single one of us is beyond grateful for all of it.

After another set of sponsor meetings/clinics, we got dressed up for our 80's themed 5K run/walk. Thanks to my roommie, Flora Duffy, I was well prepared with a stellar outfit.

I've been rockin' the Timex 80 watches for a while but super stoked to add these new ones to the collection. The run might have been one of the most comical things I've witnessed to date in my 7 team Timex camps :)

Our awards dinner was over the top and the guest speakers were outstanding. I was also very honored to present the Female Amateur Athlete of the Year Award to my good friend Cindi Bannick. The microphone was having a bit of trouble staying put during my speech so a few inappropriate comments were thrown out making for some good laughs.

Keeping with the old school theme, we all received really cool sweatshirts with the vintage logo. Ya have to admit, we're definitely one good looking group of athletes :)

Saturday's agenda involved more sponsor/media presentations. Throughout the entire camp, we were able to sign up to have our Lactate Threshold tested on the bicycle or the treadmill. The Korey Stringer Institute from UCONN was back at the TPC with a full crew and ready to give us some informative training information. Unlike the usual LT tests I get back at BCSM, I actually had an IV in my arm with a little spout where you could pull my blood out then turn the nozzle to stop the flow. I'm used to the painful finger pricking but not quite sure this was better. Either way, the plan went as expected and my LT was sadly low. I have to remember that it is okay since I haven't done one hard workout since July and I don't need to be fit until September! However, it's always easier to acknowledge when you don't have physical numbers as proof to how unfit you are.

One of the stops on Saturday's schedule was receiving our new collection of watches. I have to say that this new Expedition 2 watch is my absolute favorite Timex piece, EVER!

Sunday is always a very chill day where we get our head shots and team photos taken. It's crazy how fast the 4 days fly by. Huge thanks to Keith and Tristan for putting on yet another incredible camp!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

2012 RMEC Series Wrap Up

It was unfortunate, but we somehow scheduled our vacation to DR on the same weekend as the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit 2012 Banquet. We saw our good friend Clint this past weekend who gave us our awards - 1st Overall Women's Series and 2013 AA/Pro Rider (18A). I think my overall series win was particularly due to how many races I did but nonetheless, the boys are still making me move up to the Men's C Division this year! Guess we'll see how that goes considering how little I've been riding. Bryce, on the other hand, beyond deserved his AA status for 2013. After a very unlucky 2011, he is now back in the Pro ranks where he belongs! First race is a 2 day-er in Texas on Feb 23 and 24...crazy how fast time flies.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Team Timex Through the Years

In just 2 short weeks, I'll be attending my 7th annual Team Timex camp! As I thought about it, I honestly couldn't believe it's already been seven years since I was asked to join the team. So then I really started thinking...what have I done during those years? Below are six highlights from my 2007-2012 experience with Team Timex!


This was my first season on the team. Our camp was at the end of March in Carlsbad, CA. I was only 22years old and pretty new to the sport of triathlon so I was totally honored to have been accepted to be on such a prestigious team. Funny to think that seven years ago Timex was on the forefront of technology with the Speed and Distance GPS Watch that included a large transmitter, a data recorder and a watch! Oh how times have changed :)


And we're ORANGE! Timex went from sporting black and yellow (before my time) to red and white, and then in 2008 we changed to the vibrant orange and white. Trek even made custom painted TT bikes for us! This was my first year racing XTERRA and it turned out to be a great change from competing on the road. I had a fantastic season wining almost every race in my age group and finished with an overall amateur win at Nationals and a World Champ jersey in Maui!


Unfortunately 2009 was the start of my health issues as an athlete. However, I had great support from the team which helped my mindset tremendously. After a fantastic 2008 season, I was awarded Timex Athlete of the year. It just reiterated how important this team was to me and how I simply couldn't imagine my world without it. While the team continued to get stronger and pull in great new sponsors, Timex was starting to release new and exciting products. After a few knee surgeries and hobbling through several XTERRA's, I decided to give cycling a go while I let my knee heal. After a few road and cyclocross races, I was hooked!


We're back in red and have a new home for team camp! Timex's partnership with the NY Giants led to the building of an amazing training facility right next to the Giants' stadium. We are so fortunate to be welcomed there each year to utilize their upscale facilities and have home cooked meals three times a day! This year marked a big bike sponsor change to Orbea and Shimano and the introduction of the Global Trainer GPS Watch. Unfortunately I was sidelined with a fractured hip and torn labrum during the beginning of the year then plagued with the dreaded Epstein Barr Virus from July on. 


This marked our first year doing demo's with Timex watches. Since we needed to spread the word about the Global Trainer, we brought a fleet of watches to various shops around Colorado and allowed people to try them out during a club or shop run. It was a huge hit and I believe the brand and product got a lot of positive recognition. In my personal world and after several long months of sleeping and resting, I was finally back to form and out racing. I completed a full mountain bike season with a 3rd overall finish in the WP MTB series and was on a roll racing CX. That was until the Epstein Barr Virus came back to haunt me once again. Sadly, I was sidelined from early October until the following March.



Where to begin?!? 2012 camp far outdid any prior camp to date! With a new bike and clothing sponsor, everyone was super excited to see and learn about the new products. Also, Timex released their Run Trainer, Cycle Trainer and Marathon GPS watches which meant goodies were flying left and right :) This was great for our demo fleet as we now had a full line of product to bring to our clinics and demos. I wasn't fully back in action at camp but I was completely surprised and honored to have been inducted into the Timex Hall of Fame. Keith's speech was so kind that I couldn't stop shaking when I had to give my own. Up until that point, I had been through a lot and it means so much to be that my second family (Team Timex) will always stand behind me, no matter what. Once I was back training in mid March, I knew I was going to have a great year. I felt stronger than ever and was super pumped on my new bike setup. As predicted, the season began great but unfortunately took the same dive it had the past 2 years. I was again diagnosed with EBV and forced to the sidelines without even racing a single cyclocross race.  On the bright side, my series of health issues has tought me a lot about how to be a good Timex ambassador away from the racecourse!


I know I've been saying it annually now, but 2013 is MY YEAR! With some recent food allergy findings with my Naturopath, I am on the road to recovery and will hopefully never have to deal with the EBV bug again. I've currently got great energy but waiting until April 1 to begin training. Until then, I'll exercise for fun, build up my new toys and race some dirt bikes with my hunny. I have had an ear to ear grin the past few days knowing that my four favorite days of the year (Team Camp) are just around the corner.