Monday, December 02, 2013

Thankgiving Weekend 2013

This year we drove up to Vail on Wednesday evening to hang with Bryce's family for Thanksgiving. We hadn't seen Bruno (the dog) in a few months and needed a change in scenery for a few days.

Thursday was filled with walking the dog a few times, helping Momma Bingham with a few dinner items and lots of relaxing. Just what we needed. We couldn't believe how big Bruno had gotten...he's only 8 months. Although he looks like a full grown boy, he's definitely still a puppy at heart :)

Bryce's family was vegetarian for 20+ years and their normal Thanksgiving tradition is making a ''nut loaf'' instead of turkey. They have recently began eating meat so Barb decided to test out her turkey making skill this year! It was AWESOME!

She also prepared the most delicious gluten and dairy free meal ever, which included a pumpkin and apple pie. We are too spoiled.

We had planned on skiing on Friday but it was so warm and the snow wasn't that great. Instead, we came back down to Boulder and did a few bicycle rides and got the tile laid in the shower. It's all starting to come together!

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