Monday, December 09, 2013

Getting Closer

It's funny how the coldest week of the year is when our garage looks like an IKEA shipping department and I can't put my car inside...oh well, the remodel is a little more important than a frozen vehicle :)

We've been super busy putting in floor tile, vanities, tubs and toilets!

There's always a slight issue with every little part of the process but we're working through them slowly and finally starting to see the bathroom come together!

The toilet and vanity are fully functional which has been great. Now we just need to get the plumbing squared away for the tub drain and install the shower doors.

It really has been frigid here. Last week was 54 degrees on Monday then we never got over 5 degrees for the rest of the week. We even had a pipe freeze making the second of 3 showers unusable. Since paint doesn't dry well in colder temps, we decided to make our own trim painting station in the living room! Classy, huh?

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