Monday, November 18, 2013

No turning back now!

That's right, the master bath has officially been extended and there's no going back now!

As much as I wanted to keep an open concept bed/bath feeling, I was talked out of it and convinced that adding walls will be much more appealing to future renters/buyers. I win some, I lose some. Either way, I couldn't be happier with the work our framers did to bump out the room and add a fancy pocket door last week. 

To give you a brief idea of how an additional 3ft will change our bath, the above pic is how the room used to look and below is how it will eventually look!

We are compromising on a smaller shower but in return getting a gorgeous freestanding soaker tub which I've been dreaming about for years. We'll also be adding a second vanity sink. And to make Bryce happy and motivated, we're laying in-floor heating as well :)

Our original plan with the closets was to have two separate framed units along the back wall instead of one larger closet and a small nook.

Instead, we found it easier and less expensive to just remove the current closet and associated framing then insert two large wardrobes that will go wall to wall and be much taller. This also gives us the opportunity to completely customize the insides and have the exact space and organization that fits our individual needs. Plus, I still wasn't really over ripping walls out!

 Here's a panoramic view of the space from Bryce's new iPhone. Much more to come!