Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Bruno the Berner has already grown since we saw him 2 weeks ago and he's becoming quite the little terror. He's adorable as all can be but I know everyone will be excited once he's over his teething stage!

After a short hike and MTB on Friday, Ben and Flora drove up from Boulder to join in on some fun festivities. We planned to road bike what most people call the 'Copper Triangle' on Saturday. It consisted of 80+ miles and just under 7000ft of climbing.

Brent (Bryce's dad) turns 60 this summer and did the entire ride as well. Such a trooper!

 All smiles riding my new Litespeed L1R. This thing is a climbing machine.

Everyone had a great time and came back really excited. Ben even whipped out the AWESOME hat.

As always, Barbara fed us like kings all weekend. Nothing but homemade, fresh, and delicious food! She's the best :)

Sunday morning we went for a fun hike just above the Bingham's house in Edwards.

This was Bruno's first 'off-road' adventure. It was very short lived so Barb had to bring him home early. The little guy gets tuckered out very quickly these days.

Later that morning, we met up with Tony and Bobby for some dirt biking at Bocco Mountain. It was Bobby's first time on real singletrack and he absolutely killed it. Super fun day with those guys.

Sunday morning we met up with good friends, Bob and Melissa, for some mountain biking in Eagle. Other than a few small crashes, everyone came back in one piece.

Bryce took the day off work today so we took advantage of sleeping in then went for another fun hike above Singletree. Afterwards, we rode dirt bikes at Wolcott and got a few fun pics.

Overall, the long weekend couldn't have been a more perfect blend of activities, relaxing and enjoying great company.

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