Monday, June 03, 2013

Weekend Goodness

Friday started out on a great note as it was finally Flora's real last day of college. Ben brought over a gluten AND dairy free cake from Kim & Jake's Cakes which was unbelievably delicious! 

Saturday was a bit of a low key day since Bryce was feeling a bit under the weather, I had a big week on the bike, and we had a moto race the next day. So a short bike ride and lots of baking made it in the agenda. We then had a great dinner to catch up with some of our favorite buddies - Courtney and Tito Shelden :) What's that? I honestly have done a single race since my DNF at the Aztec moto race last July. I can't believe it's been that long! Although I haven't been on the dirt bike much lately, it felt great to be out on the scene again. The course was pretty technical so my arms pumped up pretty bad and I had some extra spectacular crashes, however, I did finish. That put the biggest smile on my face and gave me an extra boost of confidence going into the summer!

Although Bryce should have crushed it at this race, he has been battling a nasty cold which left him super congested with low energy on race day. He finished 13th and still got some points which made the trip worthwhile. His favorite race is in 2 weeks so he's ready for some vengeance here shortly!

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