Saturday, January 26, 2013

A much needed vacay!

Round 2 of SUP-ing went much smoother than our first attempt. Not only did we have less wind and smoother waters, our skills were starting to improve as well.

We both really enjoyed this activity and would love to give it a go back home at the Boulder Rez. It's a great workout if you want to get after it, but also extremely relaxing and enjoyable if you just want to cruise around.

Finding options for meals hasn't been too difficult as milk products are hard to come by and beans/rice is a staple food in the area. One of our favorite discoveries was the 100% Organic Dominican Cocoa. We've made hot chocolate with Almond milk and LOVE sprinkling it over fresh mango and bananas bought right in town.

We were told that if there is one thing we cannot miss on this trip, it's the 27 Waterfall Tour. We weren't interested in taking a full blown tour so we decided to drive ourselves to the destination. As we mentioned before, there are no rules in terms of driving and we were on the edge of our seat the entire time. We almost hit a chicken, a dog and even a cow! Needless to say, we made it there in one piece.

The above video is a great clip of various waterfalls you get to jump off of during the 3hr tour. You get a personal guide and hike about 45min through the jungle to the start. From there, you climb, swim, jump and maneuver your way through 27 different waterfalls. Unfortunately, we didn't have a waterproof camera but pictures just wouldn't do justice on this adventure :)

We didn't know what to expect since we didn't see any of the videos prior but it was one hell of an experience. Papito was a great guide and we're so glad we made our way out there to check it out!

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