Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A 99% Complete Bathroom!

I wish my photography skills were better but at least you can get an idea of what our almost finished bathroom remodel looks like. We just need a little drywall touch up and we can officially be done with our first winter house project!

The above picture is what the bathroom looked like when we purchased the house back in January 2010.

This picture shows our first attempt at making it better. Not sure what kind of crack I was on when I picked the colors but thank goodness that's something easy to change :)

It's definitely not perfect but we are super happy with how everything turned out and how it flows with the rest of the house.

Bryce's parents printed off some cool artwork that really add a great finishing touch to the whole room. Coupled with some modern IKEA furnishings, this might just be our new favorite room in the house.

My favorite part is the large raincan shower head! I haven't actually taken a shower in it yet but it looks really cool :) On to project #2 - THE FIREPLACE!!!!

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