Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Cabarete Fun!

One of the first things we planned for our trip was a little Stand Up Paddle Boarding. It's something both of us have wanted to try for a long time so we made it our number one activity. Walking down to the section of the beach where the water is a bit more calm takes about a half hour. We've done this walk several times and have frequently seen horses in full gallop along the beach.

It's hard to get pictures on the SUP as we did about as much swimming as we did paddling on our first try. We learned that the sport is nowhere near as easy as it looks but a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. After all that hard work, we were ready for another couple hours of lounging in the sun and playing on the beach.

The ocean water is exceptionally warm and the sand is smooth so it's very enjoyable just wading around in the surf. After another good sun absorption session, we went to an afternoon yoga class at the resort next door. The studio was in an awesome ocean front cabana and we were the only two in the class. The sound of the ocean and the whole experience was really cool.

After finding out that Iguana Mama (one of DR's top tour guide companies) had a 'Max Endurance' mountain bike adventure through the jungle, we simply couldn't pass it up.


Neither one of us had our own bike equipment or clothing attire so we were in full tourist mode. I used some yoga clothes while Bryce rocked board shorts and a tank top. We both had to use flat pedals with tennis shoes. It really makes you appreciate the amazing equipment and comfy apparel we ride in at home.

Above was my sweet Fuji bike that got me through our 4hr adventure ride. Bryce was on the same ride, just 3 sizes larger :)

Our trip began right from the main road in town. The driving style that scared us while we were in a car was 100% more terrifying on a bike. Luckily we made it off the pavement and onto the dirt fairly quick. We rode alongside the ocean for a bit then turned inland and began heading up into the Dominican mountains. Go figure, I'm the one that flats before we even hit the trails!


After a rather large climb, we made it to the Monkey Jungle facility where they have zip line tours. It was an absolutely gorgeous view.

Max, our tour guide, was an extremely fit local who has been riding mountain bikes for 15 years in the DR. He was a blast ride and hang out with for our 60km experience. 

 Instead of bringing energy bars and sandwiches on rides, Max eats fruit off the trees for energy. We stopped and had some delicious and sweet grapefruit that was knocked down straight from the tree!

Despite a lot of recent rain and some seriously slick clay type mud, we had a great time. Thanks again Max, we cannot wait to come back for more!!!

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