Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun with the Family!

It's been since Christmas 2011 since I've seen my parents so they made the trip to the mountains this past weekend to catch up and do a little relaxing. Since my little brother is only a short flight away in Salt Lake City, he decided to join in on the family fun time as well.

Since my energy and lifestyle is much different that normal, we had to rearrange a few of the weekend's original activities. However, we did manage to fill up the weekend with lots of exciting and random activities. After watching my brother do some paragliding jumps at Wonderland Hills, we did a little bowling out in Louisville. While the boys went mountain biking on Saturday morning, I took my parents to the farmer's market downtown and we got some fresh veggies, fruit, meat and bread for dinner. Later that afternoon, we shot a round of golf at the Flatirons Golf Course. Once upon a time I used to be decent at that of today, that is no longer the case! We came home and made some delicious shish-kabobs on the grill and a homemade peach crisp. Unfortunately I couldn't eat any of it, but it turned out great. Sunday was a bit slower moving. The boys went out mountain biking again and I lounged with my parents. We went down to Pearl Street for lunch at Reuben's then walked around for a bit before watching the first big cyclocross race of the year at Valmont. Although it was bittersweet, it was fun being out there and a great time cheering on my good friends and competitors. We hit the road for the airport right after the race. Overall, it was a perfect weekend of relaxing and good laughs!

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