Saturday, June 02, 2012

Just chuggin' along


I apologize in advance for the lack of content on here this lately. It's been quite the catch up week getting Bryce ready to drive to Boise, ID for the ISDE qualifier and preparing month end financial reports for my clients. In fun news, Tony just bought a fixer upper house here in Boulder and his amazing parents came out from the mitten to help with the initial demo! It's always so great to see them and boy are those Torrance kids lucky to have such nice parents :)

This relates to absolutely nothing, but I did have to post this really funny car stick figure photo because it pretty much sums up mine and Bryce's feelings on having children.

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Erin's Mom said...

Yup...we spent our retirement on our children...Hence when we get to old to work...we are coming to live with you. Hehehehehe