Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Holiday Weekend 2012

Before the weekend actually began, I put together our new comfy patio chairs for our Boulder condo. We christened them with a nice BBQ with the Shelden's and very happy with our purchase!

The weekend's playing activities began first thing on Saturday. Since the West Mag trails will be closing on June 1 for the summer, we decided to join the rest of Boulder and get our last round of shredding in for the year! We unfortunately had to cut the ride a bit short because of the horrid smoke in the air. The combination of high winds and the forest fires from New Mexico and Montrose made breathing quite a challenge.

After a scenic drive through Central City, we finally made our way to our condo in Winter Park. The last time we were up there was in February so we were not only excited to finally use the place, but glad to find it all in one piece :) We brought up our old patio chairs from Boulder and the recently purchased new grill that was immediately used to cook up some good brats.

We met our good friend Bob out in Rand Sunday morning for a fun dirt bike ride on some of my favorite trail. Bob's wife was out of town so not only did he bring his camper and doggy out the night before, he brought Melissa's dirt bike to ride too :) We promised not to tell - I think he only dropped it 4 times...no big deal.

Although the trails were bone dry (scary for this time of the year), we had a great time. We did get a little turned around and got caught in a bit of a snow storm but managed to make it back only half frozen! Nothing a large pepperoni pizza and a few beers can't cure.

After a very lazy morning and trip to the bike shop where we randomly saw some good friends, we finally got the bicycles ready for a fun exploration/adventure on the Winter Park MTB trails.

Neither Bryce or I have a clue how to make our way around the trail systems so we decided to try following the race course from the King of the Rockies race. We brought the directions as well as a trail map and told ourselves we would stop at least once an hour to fuel up.

Other than a bit of logging and a few downed trees, the trails were all in immaculate condition. 

We stopped at every intersection to pull out the directions and map. We were doing awesome until about 2hrs in...that is when it all went downhill.

In our 6 hour adventure, we rode just over 4hrs and stared at this damn map for the other 2hrs. We could not figure out how to link a few trails together to save our lives so finally we just found the trails we knew and made our way down the mountain. Just another amazing weekend in the books with my favorite riding buddy :)

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