Friday, May 25, 2012

Spreading the Timex Run Trainer GPS Love

After the overwhelming success and popularity of our previous Runner's Roost watch demos, Trista set up yet another demo at the Lone Tree location in south Denver.

We had a great turnout and once again demo-ed out all the watches we had on hand. This event was held in conjunction with a Saucony shoe demo so all the runners were totally outfitted in new gear to try out.


Denny, Tim, Trista, Christine and myself helped everyone get acquainted with the product and hooked up the the satellites and synced to their HR straps.I was also able to help most runners set up their preferred displays and program all their personal vitals into the watch directly on the computer through the Device Agent.

I didn't actually see it happen, but apparently Denny ran into one of the mannequins and knocked it's hand Trista says, "Denny, always lending a hand''...haha!

Thanks again to the Runner's Roost staff, my awesome Timex teammates, and all the runners who showed up for a really fun evening!

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