Monday, June 04, 2012

Flying Solo for the weekend!

While Bryce was out racing his dirt bike 110 miles a day in Idaho this weekend, I decided to stay home, get caught up with work and race my mountain bike.

Instead of joining the big girls at the Teva Mountain Games, I jumped into the rescheduled Battle of the Bear 30 miler instead. After battling yet another nasty cold, I didn't think racing at altitude (9000+ft) would have been a smart choice (yes, I do have a brain up there). Although most of the good competition had raced at Teva the day before, my good friend and superstar MTB racer Rebecca Gross came out to race again the next day at the B2B. Her incredible fitness destroyed me but I somehow managed a 2nd place behind her in a blistering 90 degree day with a 1:30pm start time. I'll have a full race report posted shortly!

Immediately following the drive home from the race and a 3 minute shower to de-smellify myself, I headed to the Long-Huang wedding shower only 2 hours late :)

It was a great time with lots of laughs and it was super fun seeing how excited Melanie and James were about their new All-Clad Pressure Cooker that we all chipped in to buy for them! August 4th is the big day and everyone cannot wait for the big dance party!

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