Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Flora's First World Cup Win

Our good friend, and soon to be new roommate, won her first World Cup triathlon this past weekend in Mexico. This is not only a huge accomplishment for her, it also secures her spot on the 2012 Olympic Team!!! How about them apples?!?

Since Flora was only home for one day in between races, we thought it would be appropriate to have a little celebratory BBQ for her first big win. Her wonderful boyfriend, Daimo, helped me organize the party. We had a great turnout with LOTS of good laughs. For dessert, I purchased a giant ice cream cake with a blank top and let Daimo do the customization...with supervision of course. It definitely wasn't G Rated, but it got the point across and in a pretty hilarious manner. The best part of the night was the cake presentation with the happy birthday song sung with the following lyrics - Happy Motherfuckin World Cup W to Flora, etc, etc, etc. Yes, there may have been a lot of beer, wine and bourbon involved :)

We are all so incredibly proud of Flora and cannot wait to watch her dominate in London this August!

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