Monday, May 14, 2012

My Favorite Boys of Boulder

For the first time this Spring, it was a bit cold, damp and rainy in Boulder so Bryce and I took our chances of driving north to check out the Gowdy Grinder MTB course in Laramie, WY. We completely lucked out and enjoyed clear blue skies and rockin' trails. I'm so glad we went up there to pre-ride the course because I totally forgot how technical it is up there. Knowing the right lines on this course will no doubt save LOTS of time during the race :)

Sunday brought the same cooler temps but without the precipitation. However, that meant it was time to go play on's usually bone dry and super slippery so hitting it right after a rain storm makes for prime conditions. We dragged Tom and Tony Torrance out of bed and ended up having a great ride up the Link Trail and around Betasso.

Both Torrances have been on the injured list for the past couple months (Tom had shoulder surgery and Tony tweaked his knee) and they recently both got the clear to get back on the dirt bikes. We hadn't attempted to fit 3 motos in the new van yet and luckily everything went super smoothly.

We were definitely a bit embarrassed to put the old Yamaha on the back so people could see it, but we figured the tinted windows were dark enough where people couldn't tell it was us if they drove by :) Hehe. On a positive note, we were able to get 4 dirt bikes, 4 sets of gear, and 4 people in the van without any problems! Bam.

Tom honestly hadn't been on his dirt bike since last August and we were all impressed at how well it came back. We rode around the grass tracks at the back of Berthoud and even did a few timed laps. Bryce was also giving us great pointers on body position and corner technique which we all benefited from. After we got home, we cleaned up and made burgers on the grill to finish up a great weekend with my favorite boys of Boulder!

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