Friday, April 06, 2012

First 2012 Timex Run Trainer GPS Demo

On Wednesday afternoon, I drove down to the Denver's Runners Roost to meet up with Timex teammate, Trista Francis, and Colorado Timex rep, Brett Rose.

We set up a station just before their weekly run so that people could demo the new Timex Run Trainer GPS watch. 

We had a great turnout and lots of people took advantage of the opportunity to test out the demo watches. As usual, we set up computers and showed the runners how you can customize the various screens, vitals, intervals, etc directly through Device Agent then got them connected to the satellites and sent them on their way. 

After the runners returned from their workout, we gave them a brief tutorial of Training Peaks and showed them how simple it is to download the information right off the watch. Everyone is always wow-ed by the cool factor of the maps and graphs tab which definitely puts a smile on my face.

This week's run included an Easter Egg hunt and a big raffle at the end. We donated two Timex watches which were a bit hit. We had lots of good questions and overall, the demo was a great success!

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