Friday, February 24, 2012

Progress on the van!!!

While I was at camp in NJ, Bryce went to town on the new van build out! After installing the dividing wall, he made a cutout for a window and holes/boxes for the 6x9 speakers.

After finalizing the far wall, he insulated and paneled the side wall and ceiling.


It's going to be so nice and warm when we sleep in there :)

Finally, he carpeted the entire living area! You would have never guessed that this space was bare sheet metal just a few days ago.

Next it was time to put the bench sleeper in. Unfortunately the legs of the bench were too wide for the floor of the we cut them off!

To make it fit, Bryce did a little customization and made his own base for the bench. I have to admit, I'm really glad I wasn't there for him cutting a very expensive piece of furniture apart :)

To wrap up the project, the futon was installed and secured to the floor and wall. We now have an unbelievable living/sleeping area in the new rig. The final step will be to get all the stereo equipment hooked up but for the most part, the tough stuff is done! I'll have to report on how the first trip goes...stay tuned.

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