Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Work on the East Coast

After an amazing time at team camp, I joined some of the Madd Gear crew on the east coast for a superb homemade dinner and a little business. I had to post this picture above because Brian's dog is the coolest thing I've ever seen. It was great to catch up and see his 3 daughters and wonderful wife.

I spent Monday and Tuesday at our NJ warehouse getting our new customer service specialist up to speed so she can start taking on orders. The group of people that work in that warehouse are so kind and it was great to get a lot of stuff accomplished. One of the other brands that is primarily distributed out of that building is the Bloog. It is an electronic cigarette that is seriously going to to be the future of smoking. Check out their site here for more info. I've heard so many success stories from those who have quit smoking using this product so please pass it along to anyone you think could benefit :)

After a late night of travel, I finally arrived home and found a massive goodie box from the dealership in which we bought our van. I am in serious need of cutting junk out of my diet so I sent the entire thing to work with Bryce :)

I know I didn't put up too many photos from camp so if you're interested in seeing more, click here for Larry Rosa's awesome shots and click here for my Picasa album!

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