Friday, November 25, 2011

More Holiday Fun!

Well, I made my first attempt at going uphill on my MTB and it wasn't a failure. It was pretty either, but I made it and good times were had by all :)  After running a few errands on Friday morning, Doug and Bryce convinced me to head up to Betasso on the mountain bikes for an easy spin. It was absolutely perfect and a great ''first ride'' back!

My general rule of thumb is that the Christmas tree cannot go up before Thanksgiving so Friday evening was the perfect time. We had just devoured a great lunch at Moe's and Shelby had come over to hang so we put on some good tunes and got in the holiday spirit.

The boys also even convinced Shelby to make her world famous chocolate chip cookies! I have to admit I wasn't part of the heckling but I sure didn't mind that she wiped those things out...holy yummy cookies!

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