Friday, November 25, 2011

A Very Relaxing Turkey Day!

My favorite mechanic in the world, Doug Berner, surprised me on Tuesday evening by telling me that he was on his way to Colorado after working at Ironman Arizona! After he got into Boulder Wednesday afternoon, we went out to the Valmont Bike Park to play around. This was my first time on a bicycle in over 5 weeks and it was Doug's first experience at Boulder's newest $4.2 million bike park! After our short ride, we headed home to meet up with Bryce and hit the infamous Rio Grande restaurant for dinner!

Doug's most favorite thing to do while traveling on the road is to hit up all the mountain bike trails he can find! Since I am most definitely not ready for any kind of mountain biking, Bryce took him out to Heil and Picture Rock where they connected via the ''Wild Turkey'' ironic for a Thanksgiving Day ride :) Shelby and myself headed out for an easy spin on the CX bikes while the boys did their thing then we all had a delicious dinner of potatoes with BBQ chicken and yummy pastries from Alfa Alfa's for dessert! Not the typical turkey and stuffing meal most people were having but the combination of the simple food and a good movie was perfect for a relaxing Thanksgiving night!

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