Monday, November 28, 2011

Some good and some not so good!


After a really great time with Doug and a couple of relaxing days in Boulder, Bryce and I headed up to the Winter Park condo to put the finishing touches on the property! The first thing that we always do when we get there is start a fire in the wood burning fireplace...luckily we have A LOT of cardboard to burn after unpacking all the new furniture.

The trip started out really great with an easy drive in the sunshine with little traffic. We were able to get the chandelier up and the granite cut without too many issues and then hung up some fun artwork in the bathrooms and bedrooms!


I did somehow manage to break the glass in a picture frame while trying to fasten the back board and then all things went downhill from there :(


Bryce somehow wired the 4 prong 220 volt plug incorrectly and not only blew the main power circuit to our entire unit, he also sent 220 volts to a 110 volt circuit inside our oven and it no longer functions...oops! After several phone calls to the electrical company, we found the main breaker box to turn the power back on but unfortunately the range display still needs some fixing...I think Bryce is calling Whirlpool today :)

I honestly cannot sew to save my life but the curtains we chose for all three closets were 3-6 inches too long and it just wasn't going to work for me! I decided to hem each curtain (yes, that would be 6 total) by hand so they would not drag on the ground. I'm pretty sure I poked myself about 15 times per curtain and my fingers are extremely sore today!

After we get a new picture frame, hang a few more pieces of art and fix the range, we will officially be 100% finished with the remodel. All the kitchen drawers have been fully furnished with every cooking gadget you could think of and the place feels just like home! Now all we need is a renter for the winter and we'll be all set :) You can find more pics here

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