Monday, November 07, 2011

Last Brrraaaaaap of 2011


Sunday was the final Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit race for the 2011 season. It was out at Miliken in Jamestown which is only 45 minutes from our house and a really fun place to ride.

Although I was super bummed not to be racing because I'm still pretty sick, it's always fun to be on the sidelines supporting your favorite person in the world :) Plus, as you can see, it was SOOOO muddy and I hear it was really sketchy.

Bryce has finished in the top 10 overall and therefore has been racing in the AA/Pro class for the past 6 consecutive years. However, after a few stints of bad luck, he needed a 3rd place in this race to maintain his AA status for 2012 but fell a few spots short. I know he's a bit bummed out because several contributing factors were out of his control, but he's okay with it and excited to make some good contingency money racing the A class next year.

Deep down, his only true goal was to beat our good friend Scott Bright, and that he did! I'm super proud of him for wrapping up another solid season injury free and motivated for 2012. I'm also excited to unofficially say that I tied up the RMEC Women's Series Championship :) Brraaaaaaaaaaaaap!

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