Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Boulder House Changes!

The above picture is how my office/guest room used to look. It wasn't bad by any means but we really wanted to bring the couch to Winter Park since it has an amazing sleeper in it. Also, Bryce has started working from home a few days a week so we wanted to incorporate a desk that we could share when he's home.

After doing lots of IKEA internet shopping, I sent Bryce to the store downtown Denver with a big list and an empty moto van to pick up the goods. I'm sure it probably took him 3 times longer to find everything than the average person, but he and the goods made it home safe and sound :)

After a full day of furniture building, I finally got the new office put together. We now have a double desk with a super comfy chair/ottoman to read or relax. It's absolutely perfect and we're totally loving it!

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