Friday, June 17, 2011

Runner's Roost Global Trainer Demo

The Colorado crew recently acquired a demo fleet of 20 Timex Global Trainer GPS watches and our first true demo was last evening at the Runner's Roost in Lone Tree.

We coordinated the demo with their weekly club run so they had the opportunity to really touch, feel, test them out and ask as many questions as they could possibly think of.

After the runners checked out the watchs, Will Kelsay, Brian Schaning, Tim Hola and myself gave one on one instructions on how this sophisticated product works.

We began with showing each person how to turn it on, scan for their heart rate monitor and input their personal settings.

We then gave them a brief rundown of the general functions of the watch and how they could customize the 5 different displays to show anything and everything they could possible ever want to know!

Everyone was really excited about how easy it was to setup and they got even more pumped when we explained that everything they just did could easily be done right on the computer once plugged in!

Once everyone was set up, they headed out for their 30-50min run. As soon as they came back, we had computers set up and each individual was able to download their personal information into the Device Agent then upload it to Training Peaks. Once we walked them through the various screens, graphs and pods that you could personalize in Training Peaks, everyone's eyes just lit up!

This was a huge success and a great first round of many demos to come. We also had a lot of great feedback on how much they liked the watch and all of its features. Big thanks to Brett Rose (Colorado Timex Rep) and Stacey Regula (Runner's Roost Store Manager) for helping out. We all look forward to doing it again :)

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