Monday, June 20, 2011

Back to Wyoming!

After a great MTB ride with Bryce, we headed out for another long drive to Upton, WY on Saturday afternoon for the 6th round of the National Enduro Series that is co sanctioned with the RMEC. It's always fun to see the big fancy rigs that show up at the Nationals as well as Cole and Russ who chase the entire circuit. Maybe one day I'll be good enough for KTM to shuttle my bikes around in their factory semi :)

As with most races, I started on one of the very last rows to avoid getting run over so I'm always looking for stuff to do while Bryce and all my other friends have already begun racing. Luckily, I was riding on the same row as Nicole, Mandy and Ben so I had company and good times all day.

The trails were absolutely amazing and so much fun. Every special test consisted of tight singletrack through the trees with various mud holes throughout which made for some interesting line choices. I didn't ride great but finished safely with a 4th overall.

Bryce had a great day as well with no big mistakes and a solid performance. After getting a little mixed up about where the gas/food would be during the day, he came back absolutely famished and devoured the last bit of food we had available as fast as possible! We packed up and quickly headed home so we could get ready for Cole and Russ to spend the next week with us in Boulder.

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