Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hanging with the moto boys!

After the Inyan Kara National Enduro on Sunday, Cole Kirkpatrick and Russell Bobbitt decided to head back down to Boulder with us to spend the week relaxing and riding a lot of mountain bikes. Since everyone was a bit tired on Monday after the racing and traveling, we took it a bit easier and played around at the new bike park, did an afternoon yoga session, then had a killer BBQ! After a great night's sleep, Tuesday came and it was game on. We got an early start, grabbed Josh and headed over to Heil Ranch to ride the Picture Rock trail to and from Lyons. It was an absolute blast and the boys loved every second of it.

Later that night, we rounded up the crew once again and drove down to Denver to do a little Go Kart racing. What dirt bike racer wouldn't get jazzed to go play on 250cc go karts, right?!? We all had a total blast and for once in my life, I actually got to school almost all the guys, except Cole, on something motorized. Last time we went, I was the one getting t-boned every lap so this time I got my was AWESOME!

Bryce was able to get the morning off of work so we planned a great day of riding up in Nederland so we could show the boys what true mountain singletrack is all about. We got a bit of rain on Monday so the dirt was absolutely PERFECT and we didn't see one other person on the trail which made the day even more epic. Below is a clip that Cole and Russ put together with the Go Pro helmet cam that shows how freaking awesome the trails were that day. Man those boys can rip downhill :)

I have been feeling really great over the past 10 days or so but unfortunately went the direct opposite direction during this ride. It's so exciting that I am seeing improvements, but also frustrating that these days are quite over yet. Thanks to Bryce for sticking with me on the decent so I didn't crash and burn and big thanks to Cole and Russ for their patience as I was seriously struggling just to make it back to the truck at the end!

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