Sunday, April 10, 2011

A really good Saturday!

The day started off with some sunshine, a good cup of coffee and great company from my favorite person in the world, Bryce! We then packed up the van and headed to Hall Ranch to shred sweet trail on my new Rallon. I'll definitely do a review soon, but this might be my new favorite bike, ever. I climbs and descends like I never imagined and it's only 28lbs...not bad for 6 inches of travel.

After we got home, we loaded the van back up with a bunch of Powerbar and Timex goodies to head out to the Jack Rabbitt Enduro in Bennett, CO. Brian Schaning and I were scheduled to do a Fitness and Nutrition Clinic for Endurance Moto Riders.

Unfortunately mother nature decided to speak up and we battled some serious winds along with a lot of dust that wasn't ideal for speaking conditions, however, we did have a lot traffic and great one on one conversations with very eager individuals looking to better the moto racing. We'll shoot for another round later this year but a good start to getting people motivated. Everyone who received Powerbar product the day before the race came up and told me how much it helped during the race...couldn't have been happier with that :)

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