Saturday, April 09, 2011


Dear Willowbrook HOA,

Please end your contract with the parking Nazi's that drive around in a ghetto van and boot every person's car that is parked outside our house. We have now had 4 different encounters with them and they have all been absolutely uncalled for. If someone drives to our house to drop something off in the garage and parks their car behind our car (not blocking anyone else) at 10pm, there is is no reason that it needs to be booted...especially if we are in the garage with the door open. I am assuming Mr. Parking Services Attendant Jerk Off gets paid by the boot so he when we said something to him to stop moving towards the car because we were right there and never left the vehicle unattended, he ran like a little girl to get the boot on as fast as he could. It was by far one of the most pathetic things I have ever witnessed in my entire life! He proceeded to tell us that we needed to give him $70 cash right then and there or it was going to sit like that until we came up with the money. I know we are not the only ones that have been violated by our own homes and it's ridiculous. If this is what my monthly HOA fee gets allocated to, we've got issues. I have no problem allowing a parking service company to come monitor our neighborhood for obvious reasons but not one that enjoys doing what they've done to us numerous time. Whatever entitlement they feel they have with a badge badge and a boot is out of control.

Until the next board meeting...

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