Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Local Moto Race - Jack Rabbit Enduro

Hooray! First moto race of the season that wasn't in Arizona or Texas!!! Since we constantly tell Tony how much fun the races are, he finally agreed to come and try one out. We were a little worried about how dusty the course was going to be but when we woke up and saw a small dusting of snow on the ground, we were super excited!

Since the race was held on a small plot of land (less than an hour from our house), the format was several laps of an 8 mile loop. The course consisted of a few tricky obstacles (see above - I actually went straight over my handlebars on lap 1 as it was a lot steeper than it looks), a really fun grass track and tight and windy tree section.

The first lap was a bit of a mess for everyone as it was really slick and they had a few too many logs that caused major backups. However, the rest of the race was an absolute blast with perfect conditions and sunny skies!

Like every race, it's always nice to see all of our good friends and familiar faces. Since Tony and I only did 4 laps and the big boys did 6, we were able to spectate and watch them rip it up.

Minus a few bike issues and a couple sweet crashes, Tony finished his first race in one piece. As Melissa Thomas puts it...he got ''girled'' so we all know he's amped to get back out there :) I ended up 2nd after I protested Melissa's score for her since she wasn't there to do it herself. They messed up her scorecard and had her disqualified but I knew that wasn't right so I got it fixed and let her rightfully have the win.

Bryce also had a solid race finishing just outside the top 10 in a tough field. He had some great laps and then some not so good ones but came home in one piece which is what we all like to see! Below is a short video that our friend Jeff Martinez made. It's mostly him riding but it gives you a better idea of what the course was like...enjoy :)

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