Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top 10 reasons why EVERYONE should have a Timex Global Trainer!

10. Compass – thinking about doing an adventure race? The Global Trainer has great direction capabilities along with ideal GPS tracking and summary review functions to keep you on the right path.

9. Compatibility - Powertaps only show 3 pieces of data at once, but the Global Trainer will sync with your Powertap and allow you to view all of the data you need without scrolling though screens.

8. Visability – Multiscreens and various layouts allow for a personal touch for every activity or workout you do. The screens are customizable for every piece of data you could ever want to view and simple to change and update on the go.

7. Navigation/Way points – ever get lost looking for new trail on a hike or mountain bike adventure? Worry no more! The Navigation function on the Global Trainer is user-friendly and makes exploring a lot more fun!

6. Size – not much bigger than a normal watch and can easily fit super small wrists with a simple sweatband.

5. Review function – great way to see all the stats and averages you would like during or after a specific workout.

4. Training Peaks syncing - the ease of uploading data into Training Peaks makes reviewing and comparing data very enjoyable. The various graphs, charts and pods are a perfect way to analyze any activity.

3. Auto stop/start feature – ever need to make a pit stop but forget to stop your watch? That won’t help your average pace :) The rockin’ auto stop/start function can be set at any speed threshold and is also useful when doing group mountain bike rides when there is lots of starting and stopping.

2. Mapping – The Google maps overlay can be useful for endless possibilities. My most recent use was to organize a trail maintenance day. After riding the trail and printing out a map for the volunteers, I was easily able to show each person where they were responsible for doing the maintenance!

1. Bragging rights about how far, how fast, how much you climbed, etc. to everyone around you…right on the spot!!!

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