Friday, November 26, 2010

It's time for the Holidays!!!

As always, we received a gorgeous handmade Thanksgiving card from my Grandma to jump start the holiday season. We spent the day in the mountains with Bryce's family and had an incredible homemade meal by Barbara...nut loaf and all :)

To stay in the festive spirit, we decided to go out and purchase our first Christmas tree. It was an artificial pre-lit one, of course, but throw on a skirt and a few ornaments and voila...PERFECT!

Since we only had a few ornaments to decorate the tree, we decided that we would buy one (or two in this year's case) more every year in hopes of eventually filling up the entire tree!

There's no Christmas decor without stockings on the fireplace and menorahs to celebrate Hanukkah. Although Joe is Jewish, we still had to get him his own stocking. No one in the household gets left out :)

Finally, we had to add some holiday touch on the outside of the house. I begged Bryce to let me buy the 7 foot golden retriever blow up figure to put in the yard just to piss off the HOA, but he wouldn't let me. I still may secretly do it, but in the meantime we'll settle for a simple wreathe. The only thing that's missing is the crappy Christmas music, but no one else in the house likes it so we're very fortunate! Happy holiday decorating to all!


mountain hardwear said...

Awesome thanks giving card..Christmas is in the air...

Erin's Mom said...'s beginning to look like Christmas in Boulder...
I'll bring the pretty Christmas carols for all to enjoy!!
Look forward to spending the holiday with all of you...