Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Unser Racing Indoor Karting

Last week Tom included us in a group email letting everybody know about a new Go-Kart track in Denver. After a long series of smack-talking, I'm faster than you, you're too scared type emails, a group of us decided we'd settle it on the track. On Tuesday nights, Unser offers 2-for-1 deals, and luckily that day worked out for everybody.

The race track was built in an big car dealership's old building after they had gone out of business. Everything was done very professionally , and you felt like you were walking into a serious race facility. We all got signed up, paid and then sat down for our 'race briefing'.

The guy doing our lecture spoke way too quickly, but we figured he couldn't have said anything too important. He let us know that we were racing 270cc 4-stroke kart's that had been tuned for performance and outfitted with high performance Hoosier tires. We briefly saw a track map with the 'race' line pointed out, and then directed upstairs to the track.

We did two 10 minute races, and before each we did a one lap warm-up. The race winner was decided by who had the fastest lap during that session, so the start wasn't critical. Most of us had never been to this track. There was definitely a steep learning curve. When it was all said and done, everybody walked away with big smiles and big bumps and bruises. All of the times were super close, and I even beat some of the guys :)

We still have some issues to settle on the track, so check back for details on our next Kart outting!

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