Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I've been secretly holding out on letting everyone know about my newest client but today is the day you get all the cool news! Madd Gear USA is now in full force and shipping to all 50 states and Canada. Click on the logo above to check out the rockin' scooters that cannot stay on shelves in every other country throughout the world.

After forcing myself to stay awake all night, Bryce finally took me to the airport at 11:30pm Sunday night for a 1am red-eye flight to JFK. It was a 4hr flight and arrived at 6:30am EST where I got approximately 42 seconds of sleep the entire flight! After meeting with the owners and working like crazy all day, we went out for a great dinner where I honestly couldn't keep my eyes open and nearly fell into my ravioli several times! We finally got to the hotel around 10pm and I was out in less than 5 minutes. We finalized a few things this morning and I'm now traveling back to home to Denver. It was so fun meeting the boys and hearing the potential Madd has here in the US. Although we ship most of our product from the warehouse, we had a local customer come directly to us to pick up the first scooters to be available in the country! She was so incredibly jazzed and even got a picture with the owner (above). Thanks to everyone for making me feel so part of the team, it's such a pleasure!

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