Saturday, August 28, 2010

Remodel Updates

Yes, the downstairs does look like a tornado came through, but it's only temporary so it's okay!

We have all been hard at work the last couple days. I have been painting like a mad woman...notice the orange kitchenette, purple wall leading to the bathroom and the mint wall in between (see below)...Bryce has been cutting cement board and learning a lot about how hard it is to work with, and Hamity has been drywalling away.

We're finally making progress and the next steps will be much more visible. Tomorrow we will be tiling the shower walls, painting and hopefully getting a head start on the laying the slate on the floor.

While the boys are finishing their work, I have been busy cleaning, tidying up and vacuuming so that we can finally begin to walk around again. From what you can see, whatcha think of the new colors?

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