Monday, August 30, 2010

A little of this and a little of that!

The day started off early with a little tiling. Although I really think the subway tile is going to look great, it's a much longer and tedious process than I thought!

We then headed out to the Applewood Golf Course in Golden for Cody Shafer's Six Days fundraiser. Thank goodness we had Clint and Ray on our team because I haven't played golf in years and Bryce, well, he's just a beginner! He did hit some random stellar shots though :)

After playing 18 holes of golf, we were exhausted and the plans for tiling the rest of the shower went right out the door. However, Ryan had finished all the drywall texturing so we figured just priming the walls would suffice for the night so we could put the real paint on later. Little did we remember, the primer we have in the garage smells worse than anything in the entire world. We stunk up the entire house so badly that our poor roommates were not very happy with us. Oops. At least it's done and hopefully the smell will clear out soon.

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