Sunday, February 28, 2010

What happened this weekend...

Like always, the Saturday ride was in full swing. This time, Denny and JD decided to join us. D thought he was all baller and stuff with his new red kit. He looked good but Tingle and I still overpowered him with our sick orange stuff...hehe

Remember this crazy room above?

Not only did the color have to go, but Bryce and I couldn't bare to look at the AC unit sticking out of the wall either. Since Bryce's parents are rockstar photographers, they took a great pic that Allen shot of Bryce and I at the moto track and blew it up into a 3x4 poster on canvas! Bryce then built a frame with 2x4s, wrapped the image around it, and voila!

Big thanks to Photo Effects and Hardcastle Photography for helping transform our room little by little.

I've posted just a few pics to show the progress, but we're still far from done. At least you get the picture :)

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