Thursday, February 25, 2010


See the above image?

Now look at this one...can you tell me what's missing?

Yes, that would be my shifter! Apparently my fingers are on steroids! 2.5hrs into a 4hr ride I completely snapped the shifter right off the handle bar into the road while in the biggest gear. Luckily I was able to barrel over about 3 gears but it was still a grind home. Unfortunately the part isn't available anywhere in Boulder and must be ordered from Chicago...looks like no road biking for this girl for a least a week...bummer!



What else does a pro mechanic notice?

Your handlebar tape is dirty. (I can't help it)

Erin said...

I know Doug, it's really dirty. I would never had given it to you like that either...I PROMISE!

I'm actually waiting to change it right before I sell it so it's brand new :) I do have a plan.

How about that shifter, huh? Glad to be back with Shimano this year?!?


A paperclip, chewing gum, zip tie, and a leatherman tool would have that shifter up and running.