Monday, February 22, 2010

Timex Team Camp Part 2

Saturday morning was again started with another delicious breakfast then a great talk from Giant’s nutritionist Heidi Skolnik. She had a lot of great stuff to talk about that I will be incorporating into my eating regime when I get back. We then spent the rest of the morning working on our videos, then went through a series of very interesting and informative meetings. Immediately following we had the final viewing and judging of the videos. Unfortunately ours didn't win, but the team that did had the funniest video and them ever! I will hopefully have them posted later this week.

After a quick rinse in the shower and catching the bus within minutes, we headed out to New York City on our own for the evening.

This was a huge treat for me as I had never been downtown New York and to spend the evening in Times Square was just AMAZING.

We ended up eating at the Brazilian restaurant above. It was the most fascinating experience ever because the servers just walked around the floor with every type of meat possible and if your little sign (above) was turned to green, they would just come over and slice a piece of meat and through it on your plate until you turned it over so it showed a red ring on the outside.

It's not every day I'll throw down $85 for just myself on dinner, but this time it was worth every penny. Did I mention it was incredibly delicious too?!?! Mmmmmmm...

Saturday wasn't too late of an evening but the relaxing Sunday morning that followed was great. A fun breakfast, a few media pics, then the championship football game.

The above picture doesn't do justice as it was from a phone camera and actually two separate pics merged into one, but you get the idea. What a blast.

The final football game was quite entertaining as well. Keith and Tristan did a great job refereeing and all of Bruce's dedication paid off. Yes, the red team did prevail.

However, the most amusing part was watching the others who weren't playing wearing teeny tiny little kids shirts and being cheerleaders on the sideline...priceless.

After the game, we packed up and headed to the airport. It was such a blast and so fun to see everyone, especially my favorite mechanic Doug Berner. Stay tuned for videos and check out the links below for fun media coverage.

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