Thursday, December 24, 2009

My little brother is officially a college graduate!!!

After 1 year at Purdue and 2.5 years at the University of Michigan, my bro walked the stage last weekend as an aerospace engineer. SCARY! He does look somewhat official in the gown, but I have to mention the story about all the spatulas on the wall behind him. In Ann Arbor, he lives with 5 people in this run down places that houses rockstar party animals as well as brilliant students (they're actually the same people, just split personalities). Apparently one night someone came home with 3 random spatulas and from then on, every house party they went to, they stole the spatula from the kitchen and hung it on the wall. No joke, the entire wall is covered with them...

Yes, he will soon be entering the 'real world', but first he'll be coming back to CO with Bryce and I for some snowboarding then heading to Australia and New Zealand for a little vacation before he begins his new job at the Edward Airforce Academy in CA. Big congrats to him for all his hard work and pretty much getting a 4.0 at one of the toughest Universities and most complex programs in the country!

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