Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

After an easy trip to MI on Tuesday night, we had a fun dinner and a great night of teaching Bryce how to play Euchre. We spent the better part of Wednesday at the gym and shopping then played some pool at Mr. B's and had a great pizza dinner afterward.

Thursday was the annual Kummer family Christmas party where the whole clan comes over to eat and open gifts. Apparently my brother does pretty well with little's a good thing because it's my Momma's only chance for grand kids :)

Other than the pouring rain, Christmas morning was super relaxing and really fun. Bryce not only got as many gifts as me, but he even got his own stocking!!!

My Mom made a killer breakfast with fresh fruit, a delicious casserole, yummy pastries, etc to top the morning off.

The trip couldn't be complete without rummaging through my parent's closet and playing dress up in all their old ski outfits from the do we look?!?

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