Monday, December 28, 2009

Sage Outdoor Adventures

Bryce's good friend Cole from high school started an Outdoor Adventure Company in the Vail area this past year guiding snowmobile and Segway tours in the winter and white water rafting tours in the summer with his family. Click on the pic above to check it all out!

Since there was an open slot on Sunday morning from 8-12pm, Cole took Bryce, Jerry and myself out in the high country on their high performance sleds to go rip it up.

When we started it was absolutely freezing (-5*) but as we kept riding it got warmer and warmer...and more beautiful for that matter.

Cole took us to the top of this unbelievable view. Only a quarter of a mile away was where Bryce and I summit-ed on our dirt bikes earlier this year. Freaking amazing.

Since the sleds are designed to be ridden in powder, that's what we did...or kind of.

Every single one of us got stuck at least once as it's honestly one of the hardest things I've ever tried. The concept of counter-turning in the deep snow is so hard and constantly shifting your body weight from one side of the sled to the other is even more complicated.

Of course I tried and tried and then eventually just decided that maybe more throttle was the way to go...apparently not. I was the only moron who actually dumped the sled sideways instead of just getting stuck :) Go figure! I didn't get hurt though!!!!

Cole is absolutely amazing not only to watch but to ride with too. He let us get on as he floated over the powder flawlessly. He did admit that it does take a ton of practice to master the turning so we stopped feeling bad for ourselves.

Big thanks to everyone at Sage for letting us go play on a perfect day and a HUGE thank you to Cole for taking us out on in between tours during the busiest time of the year. Congrats to him on his recent engagement and success with the new company. YOU ROCK!

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