Monday, January 06, 2014

Hooray, the bathroom is finished!

Final product in panoramic view!
I thought it would be fun to see the before/after pics of our initial attempt to make it fun and different when we first bough the place in 2009.
Although I'm still not sure what we were thinking with the lime green, it's still 100 times better than the 1960s peach palace.
I've been dreaming about this remodel for quite a while now and couldn't be more excited it's finally done!
Can you believe this is the exact same location?

It's amazing how much more you can do with an additional 20 sqft and cabinets with storage.
One of my biggest ''must haves'' was a freestanding soaker tub. I've used it twice already and absolutely love it. Soooo relaxing.

It was a bit challenging trying to fit all of our clothing in one small closet. We originally planned on framing out two separate closets on that same wall but after finding these completely customizable wardrobes that fit to the centimeter, it was a no brainer.
Finally, we had to add a bit of color coordination to the bedroom. Between the new LED recessed cans and the lovely white carpet, it truly feels like a new room. We worked really hard on this and we couldn't be happier with the turnout!

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