Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Holiday Trip

This year we began our holiday festivities by driving from Boulder to Utah to see Jerry and Keren's new place! My parents also flew out from Michigan so we could all spend a few days together.

We started out with a day of skiing at Snowbasin. I cannot believe how many resorts are within 15 minutes from their house. It's absolutely gorgeous in their little valley and they have the perfect place for what they love to do.

Mom and dad enjoyed the area tons and loved hanging out with their adorable golden retriever, Reilly.

We visited many of their favorite local restaurants, did lots of relaxing, and had lots of good laughs.

 We even made GF/DF waffles in Jerry's Red Wings waffle maker. It was pretty sweet.

Bryce had been itching to wear his new snowboard jacket for months, but I was adamant about him waiting until Christmas since it was a gift from our parents. However, we agreed he could open it Xmas Eve morning so he could wear it while we rode at Powder Mountain. He was pumped!

The skiing conditions were much better on Tuesday and we had a blast playing in the fresh pow pow at Powder Mountain. The resort only has four lifts, but there is plenty of acreage to create your own runs. We had a total blast.

Later that night, we made chicken fried rice for dinner and opened gifts with the fam. Mom and dad were stoked with their headphones and Jerry and Keren loved their Cuisinart breadmaker. I got some flannel lined jeans with bath salts for my new tub and Bryce got his Volcom snowboarding jacket. It was fun and low key evening, just how we like it.

Christmas day began with a chill breakfast at Jerry's place, then a long drive from Utah to Vail. We arrived around 5pm, just in time for another epic Barbara Bingham holiday feast. It was also great to see Brittany since she stayed in Cali for Thanksgiving this year.

Thursday couldn't have been a more beautiful day to be on the mountain. Although the snow wasn't as fluffy as it was in Utah, it was still fun to be back at Vail Mountain. I hadn't been to that resort since 2008! We relaxed another day in Vail then headed back to Boulder to work on the bathroom. Overall, it was a great week away from the bubble and a super fun time with both of our wonderful families!

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