Monday, November 04, 2013

Moving Forward

For Halloween last week, Bryce was supposed to dress up for work. He didn't tell me this until 30min before he was about to leave so I told him he was on his own. 15min later, he came down wearing this. I nearly fell over laughing. Apparently we have quite a bit of leftover triathlon gear floating around in our room. It's actually pretty clever and his co-workers got a big kick out it.

Last week I also began extensive physical therapy on my thumb. I see the PT three days a week for the next month. In just a few sessions, I have gained 9 degrees of movement and things are slowly starting to loosen up. I've also been wearing this silicon scar mold (pictured above) that has been helping tenfold. Not only is the scar not as raised, it's helping heal the last two internal stitches that tried to come back up. The exercises and manual therapy hurt like crazy but since I can't suffer on the bike anymore, I guess it's helping to keep my pain tolerance in check :) 

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