Monday, October 14, 2013

Going through the motions

I apologize for the lack for blogging but in all honesty, there really isn't too much to report these days. I've still been feeling pretty blah and laying low key other than trying to plan our master bed/bath remodel and buying silly things like this scooter above. I swore I would never buy a scooter but I needed to meet my ''I'm sick again so I might as well buy another toy'' quota. Plus, it's motivation to get better sooner so Bryce and start motor-pacing me when I'm fit and ready to get my leg speed back. It needs a few parts to make it zippier but it's still super fun.

I've also been in the kitchen baking quite a bit. I even attempted my first pot of homemade apple cider this past weekend. I couldn't resist making some GF/DF pumpkin donuts to go with it too. The weather has been much cooler so it felt appropriate :) Happy Fall!

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