Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Down but not out

As much I want to believe I am invincible on my downhill bike, the truth is, I'm nowhere close! As a matter of fact, I got a pretty good idea of that last Friday when I dropped straight on my head from the top of a wooden bridge feature in Winter Park. I had been riding really well and was told everything on this double black diamond run we were about to go down was ride-able. I had never been on it so I should have known better not to try everything even though someone told me it was okay. That definitely came back to bite me when I thought the wooden bridge continued to the ground instead of just dropping off making it a mandatory jump.

The unfortunate part is that I did land straight on my head and pulled my right thumb completely backwards. For a split second I thought my whole body was broken but thankfully it was only a concussion, a bum thumb (that still needs to be analyzed for a ligament tear), some serious whiplash, and a super sore body. The best part is that my bike was okay!!! I have been put on a mandatory 10 days of ZERO exercise so that my head can come back to life. I've already done some pretty stupid things since the incident so it's probably best I stay put on the couch for a bit. Throughout the past years of illness, I've tried to think that everything happens for a reason. This may just be a way for me to take a forced break before the cyclocross season so that I don't burn out or get sick mid-way through. For peace of mind, I'm just going to stick with that theory :)

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