Monday, August 12, 2013

Bryce's new toys!

Bryce spontaneously decided this past weekend that he wanted to trade in his KTM 250F for a zippy 150 2-stroke. He has always been a ripper on the little bikes and was eager to switch things up to keep his riding fresh. It just so happened our boys at Fay's had a brand new leftover 2012 Red Bull Edition KTM 150 for him to pick up that day!

He has a bunch of parts to switch out before he can sell the 250 but I know he doesn't mind spending time in our toy box :)

Bryce also completed his new 1x10 hardtail mountain bike/commuter. It definitely turned into a much more elaborate bike than anticipated but now we both have the same type of bike for short track and singlespeed riding.

These are obviously not Bryce's new toys but I thought it was a cute pic to post :) I helped watch Ben's kiddos while he had some important work to take care of. We had fun watching motocross and destroying my kitchen while making cookies. As adorable as these little munchkins are, I'm still set on my ''no kids, no plants, no pets'' lifestyle!

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